...a rich, natural sound that’s larger and more complex than the sum of its parts.

National Public Radio

...une cohésion parfaite qui se traduit par un souffle commun, une justesse sans faille, un phrasé partagé, une homogénéité des dynamiques.

La Croix

...extremely skilled singers. The blend, tuning and ensemble work are flawless...

Music Web International

Possessed of immensely confident musicality, solid blend, and no small amount of charm...


The four singers perform with exquisite blend, spot-on intonation and penetrating tone.

The Denver Post

Perfektion aus der Neuen Welt...

Mittelbayerische Zeitung

Each individual voice is beautifully produced, and the blend and tuning are exemplary.

Early Music America

...epitomized what truly fine singing is all about.

Richmond Times-Dispatch

...beautifully blended voices of individual distinction

The Independent (UK)

...the ensemble breathes as a single organism, and the blend, which can vary from perfect homogeneity to the subtle highlighting of a single voice, is marvelous...

All Music Guide

...the singing of New York Polyphony is unfailingly pure and even.

The Guardian (UK)